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Sweatshirt Trends

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Ah, the elusive sweatshirt. Is it a jacket? A hoodie? A pullover? Well folks, it's all of the above and more! This versatile garment has been worn by everyone from athletes to hypebeasts, and for good reason. The latest trends in sweatshirts have shown us that comfort is key, with brands releasing relaxed fits and oversized styles that scream "I'm definitely not wearing a bra." But don't let the casual vibes fool you - sweatshirts can also be dressed up, with beige and Carhartt styles reigning supreme. And if you're looking for some nostalgia, Y2K and Kuromi sweatshirts will transport you back to the early 2000s (whether you want to go there or not). Overall, the sweatshirt category is all about channeling those cozy, laid-back vibes while still looking stylish. So grab a new balance sweatshirt and be prepared to never take it off.

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