What Is The Most Liked YouTube Comment?

The YouTube comment section is a special place on the internet where people leave their witty remarks, words of support, and sometimes brutal opinions underneath videos. Ever wondered what the most liked comments on YouTube look like? We've made a list showing you some of the top-liked comments on YouTube!

The Top 15 Most Liked YouTube Comments

A popular comment often requires a refined blend of humor, relatability, and originality (or you're just Mr Beast). Continue reading to discover the comments that have cracked this secret formula and have earned massive amounts of likes!

15. "How every teacher talks when you're taking notes." -757 K

A video on the world's fastest talking man is also home to quick wit from this commenter! This funny comment is under a video of an old interview from 1987 with a man that can sing Michael Jackson's 'Bad' in 20 seconds. This guy could give Eminem a good run for his money!

No doubt people clicked like for the relatability of this one. Most people have related to this struggle at some point!

14. "Fake, I would have asked if he wanted to do double or nothing with that Tesla for a private jet!"-772 K

This comment is a response to MeatCanyon's animated parody video about Mr Beast from Mr Beast himself! The video touches on the wealthy YouTuber's tendency to create outrageous challenges with massive cash prizes. Although Mr Beast's comment seems to be made in humor, you can't be too sure!

The creator has pinned the comment to the top of the comment section for fans to see this hilarious interaction easily. Buckle in Mr Beast fans, this is certainly not the last time we'll be seeing him on the list!

13. "Lil Dicky: We love the Earth. National Geographic: Same though ๐Ÿ™Œ๐ŸŒ" -835 K

National Geographic shows their support for the relevant message in Lil Dicky's 'We Love the Earth' song in 2019. Drawing attention to the world's current environmental crisis in a weird and wonderful way, Lil Dicky promotes saving the planet in a song with a plethora of famous artists such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Halsey, and Miley Cyrus!

Keeping in tune with the madness of this song's music video, National Geographic adds to the craziness by commenting on their thoughts in meme format. Altogether, this adds up to quite an incredible experience!

12. "How many of my friends did you find in the video?? ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿง" -862 K

TikTok star Bella Poarch has the 12th most liked YouTube comment with one she left on her own video! Bella invites her audience to spot her influencer friends who feature in the music video for her song 'Build a B*tch'.

Valkyrae, ZHC, and Bretman Rock are amongst a few of the friends that can be found in this popular video!

11. "Like I said in the video, subscribe if you havenโ€™t already and you could win $10,000!" -894 K

Mr Beast is back again, this time taking the 11th spot on our list with a comment that has almost 900 K likes! This is a comment left under the YouTuber's own video of one of his most ambitious YouTube projects to date.

Re-creating stunningly accurate sets from the popular Netflix series 'Squid Game,' Mr Beast tests a group of 456 people to complete challenges that are based on the premise of the show. It is an elimination-based game with an enormous $456,000 for the eventual winner. The madness doesn't end there, however, with Mr Beast offering $10,000 to a random subscriber through his comments!

10. "This isn't your first time here. And you know it." -958 K

This comment is somewhat of an online inside joke, left on Rick Astley's famous 'Never Gonna Give You Up' music video. The comment references a harmless internet prank that almost everybody with an online presence can recall falling victim to at some point.

Internet trolls have harnessed the power of Rick Rolling since 2007, and many people got in on the action judging by the massive amount of views on the YouTube video!


The king of YouTube comments shows up once more. This is a comment left by Mr Beast on a video he made 5 years before uploading. It is a heartwarming video showing how far he has come and how successful he became.

While his younger self was hoping for 1 million subscribers in 5 years, Mr Beast was sitting at a massive 100 million subscribers! It is safe to say he has done his young self proud.

8. "Eminem raps faster than my internet connection." -990 K

This is a funny comment left under the video for Eminem's song 'Rap God' released in 2013. Eminem truly shows off his skills in this song, proving to other rappers that he is still on top of his game.

Known for his lyrical genius, freestyle skills, and being one of the world's greatest rappers, Eminem truly deserves the title of Rap God.

7. "There's a reason this has over 600M views..." -1 M

Another reference to the Rick Rolling internet sensation! For those that have never had the pleasure of being Rick Rolled, just click the link above.

It is unclear why this comment got so popular when many of the comments on the Never Gonna Give You Up music video follow a similar suit. But it certainly shows the impact this meme had on internet culture!

6. "1 BILLION views for Never Gonna Give You Up! Amazing, crazy, wonderful! Rick โ™ฅ๏ธ" -1.1 M

The legend himself comments on the crazy amount of views his music video has received, while also earning himself over a million likes on his comment!

While many people come to the song because it is a timeless classic, it will forever be the reason why many people feared clicking links for some time!

5. "This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself." -1.3 M

A heartfelt message from Selena Gomez to her fans under her 'Lose You To Love Me' music video. The popular singer/songwriter wanted her song to be a source of strength for fans who are also going through hard times.

The message has been very well received by fans judging by the number of likes the comment has! Fans have also speculated that this song is about the pop star's famous breakup with Justin Bieber, which could also be a reason for the huge amount of likes on the comment.

4. "I really didn't!" -1.9 M

This is the last one from Mr Beast, we promise! This whole video is a story told through a YouTube comment section after Mr Beast promised a fan he wouldn't forget about him when he gets famous.

Mr Beast left this comment under a YouTube video by the fan that explains the entire story. It looks like he kept his promise!

3. "I don't get it, what am I supposed to do exactly?" -2 M

Fans loved the irony of this one, getting the comment all the way to that third spot! PewDiePie comments on a 15-second Mr Beast video that asks the Swedish YouTuber to comment on the video.

Apparently, the instructions were unclear.

2. "We're so honored that the first ever YouTube video was filmed here!" -2.6 M

A historical comment left under a historical YouTube video! The first ever YouTube video was filmed in San Diego Zoo whose comment on the video has become the second most liked comment on YouTube.

The YouTube channel itself has quite a large following at over 3 million subscribers. This is the only video on the channel, and what a legacy to leave behind!

1. "i'm the bald guy" -3.2 M

Short. Sweet. Simple. These are the words that describe the most liked YouTube comment in the entire history of the platform!

So, who is the person responsible? Media personality Seth Everman posted this comment on Billie Eilish's music video for her son Bad Guy in 2019. It is unclear if fans go there for Billie Eilish's video, or to see the legendary bald guy.

Seth Everman is a popular media personality and has an existing audience, which could explain why his comment got so many likes. Well done to Seth Everman for having the most liked comment on YouTube!