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What is "DoorDash"?
DoorDash is an American company based in San Francisco that operates an online food ordering and food delivery platform. It offers delivery and takeout from a variety of local restaurants and stores, and also facilitates pickup from grocery and convenience stores. The company went public in December 2020 and trades under the symbol DASH. Customers can place orders through the app, and "Dashers" fulfill the orders by picking up the items and delivering them to the customer's location. Base pay for Dashers ranges from $2-$10+ per delivery depending on factors such as duration and distance, and customers are advised to tip their Dashers a minimum of 10% of the total order cost. Some sources suggest that Dashers can earn an hourly wage of around $20 per hour.
RamenGrowth Analysis

According to the data, DoorDash has been steadily rising in popularity since 2017, with a spike in interest in January 2021 due to the company's IPO. The company's monthly search volume is high, indicating a strong demand for its services. Related search terms include doordash promo code, doordash driver, and food delivery apps. These terms suggest that people are interested in ways to save money and maximize their earnings as Dashers. Popular YouTube videos provide tips and tricks for making more money as a Dasher. Overall, the data suggests that DoorDash is a strong player in the competitive food delivery market and that its future looks promising.