The Most Popular Discord Servers to Join

There are around seven million servers on Discord, and you can choose and join your desired ones, as there is a server for every niche, like music, art, gaming, business, etc. Some of the most popular ones include the following,

The Most Popular Discord Servers to Join

It’s impossible for you to be unaware of Discord if you’re addicted to gaming!

Discord, a popular platform, was launched in 2015. Just like the communication service Slack, known for its usage in the business world, Discord is something you should never miss out on. The co-founders of Discord, Jason Citron and ​​Stanislav Vishnevskiy, were into the video game world, and they were looking for something to make that improves communication.

You can send private texts, join audio and video chats, and participate in communities of your interest called “Servers.” Discord mainly used to be a video gaming platform, but now it has expanded and is very popular even in 2022. Discord has more than 150 Million active users monthly.

There are around seven million servers on Discord, and you can choose and join your desired ones, as there is a server for every niche, like music, art, gaming, business, etc. Some of the most popular ones include the following,

Genshin Impact Official
Frogs Dream World
Official Fortnite
Movies and Filmmaking
Anime Soul Discord

Continue reading this article to find out more about the best and most popular servers on Discord that you can join according to your interest.

1- Genshin Impact Official

As Discord is mainly known for gaming, we will start the list with a popular gaming server. The video game developer company miHoYo developed the action role-playing game Genshin Impact. The game is free to play, and the Genchin Impact world is called Tevyat. The game is famous for multiple and unusual worlds that are filled with puzzles, dungeons, and so many other quirky locations. The game contains seven prime nations. The miHoYo is a Chinese company, and Genshin Impact’s art is inspired by anime.

The Discord server of Genshin Impact Official is extremely popular, and it has more than 800K members, so it can get hard for you to join this server as it stays full. You might have to try a lot of times if you want to join this server.

2- ChillZone

ChillZone is among the most popular and active servers on Discord. A topicless server is great for meeting new people and chatting on whatever topic you want to. A topicless server doesn’t revolve around a single topic; hence, you get a lot of variety in discussions. More than 14 million messages have been sent in ChillZone in the general channel only. ChillZone is appealing to a lot of people as the server is so active, and there are always people to chat with. You can find people of different genders and age groups and people who’d like to make a conversation with you on your desired topic.

There are more than 400K members on this server, so it’s worth checking if you are someone who likes to meet new people and chat with that friendly vibe, this one’s great for you! And even if you don't like to be a part of such conversations, you can definitely check their partner category. It has hundreds of servers out there that might be intriguing to you.

3- Minecraft

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games since 2009. The game is famous for its blocky graphics, which makes the game look a lot older than it actually is. Developed by Mojang studios, this video game has won several awards for being the best video game of all time and is loved by all age groups.

If you are a fan of Minecraft, consider joining its official Discord server, as you can discuss and share Minecraft-related news, share your creations with other members of the servers and talk and connect to the players who are like you. This place is really a haven for all the Minecraft maniacs out there. With more than 800k members, this server is ideal for connecting with your fellow players.

4- Frogs Dream World

This popular Discord server is a part of the Dream World network. The Frogs Dream World is a global emote server with more than 20 emotes. These emote, also called “Globals,” can be used by everyone on Discord, even by people who don’t have nitro. You should only be a part of the server that supplies global emotes in order to use those emotes.

As told earlier, the Frogs Dream World is a part of the dream network; you will find the interconnectivity of this server with other communities. It is also possible for you to find a person in one server and find them again in the other one.

Frogs Dream World is a massive network with over 150K members. The flow of members was so much that the server had to sweep out one-fourth of its members in order to make room for new members. As global emotes as provided by this server, it’s very popular and a must for people who are interested in collecting emotes. Even when emotes are not needed, the chat is enjoyable, and you can meet a lot of nice people here.

5- Official Fortnite

A game that was released by Epic Games in 2017, Fortnite became increasingly popular over time. The most well-known game mode for this game is Fortnite Battle Royale. Almost 100 people can join this mode and fight till the end to be the winner, the last person left.

This famous Discord server has over 996K members and is considered the top Discord server. The server splits the channels into distinct and intriguing categories.

6- r/Cryptocurrency

Whether you believe it or not, cryptocurrencies have grown a lot in the past few years and are expected to become more popular in the years to come. You might have seen a lot of news, articles, or maybe YouTube videos regarding this digital currency. But the best thing you can do is engage with people already in the crypto business.

This is the best discord server for you if you’re looking to engage and learn about cryptocurrencies from people who are experienced. It is not so hard to join this server, and it has over 37K members. You’ll definitely find someone who will guide you through and give you honest opinions and tips on the crypto industry.

7- Movies and Filmmaking

All those Hollywood freaks and cinema lovers out there, this one’s for you! This is the largest Discord server that talks about everything from television to movies. Get along with the cheerful and vibrant vibe of the server and chat with people who are as poppy as you.

You can find everything here, romance, sci-fi, comedy, horror; you name it, they have it! It also provides the scriptwriters and movie directors to have a channel of their own, and a lot of people are there to give honest feedback and appreciate you. If you have a tilt for a show or movie, you can even find a dedicated channel.

8- Daddy

Looking for a server to join that you can turn to when you get bored? There you have it! Daddy server is one of the most active servers on Discord and has several voice channels. It provides users with the unique experience of chatting using their voices. For anyone who likes to speak, this is a great option.

Daddy server is one of the best places to find people and chat with them through your voice. This server provides you with the option to choose people who you want to communicate with. They also give a variety of text channels filled with vibrancy for people who are not comfortable in voice chats.

The Daddy server is well known for its voice channels, but you can also enjoy the text chat rooms if you want to. It provides you with a quirky experience. So definitely give it a go! If you don’t want to be a part of the Daddy server, look out for their partners, and you might find something that caters to you.

9- Terraria

The famous action-adventure sandbox game, Terraria was released in 2011. The developers, Re-Logic, ported this game to many platforms as it gained popularity. This is a complete package as you fight, explore and build in your world.

The Terraria Discord server is very famous, with over 521K members. You can communicate with fellow players, win prizes, and join events on this server. If you’re a fan of the game, definitely consider joining this platform.

10- Anime Soul Discord

If you’re an anime fan who thinks about your favorite manga series all day and suffers from Post Anime Depression after finishing an anime series, you should definitely join this anime server on Discord. The server is an amazing place to find people who have similar interests as you. The owners of this Discord server are very organized and have that vivid, pleasant personalities as they want to unify anime fans from all over the world.

This community is larger than you think. This particular server has more than 600K members, and the owners plan to make this place even huge for all the anime lovers out there. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this server.

Key Takeaways!

Discord is great for connecting with people. You can chat with them anonymously and find the best community for you. If you haven’t found the perfect channel for you yet, it doesn’t mean you never will. Don’t give up on finding the community that suits you because you’ll feel great once you find the channel that’s meant for you!