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Strategy: the age-old concept that keeps businesses afloat and successful. It's the art of planning and directing resources towards achieving specific goals. And, as times change, so do the tactics involved in creating and executing a successful strategy. From the evergreen search engine optimization to the newly emerging virtual influencers, the trends under the "Strategy" category are diverse and telling. Behavior change and sustainability underline a growing awareness of the impact businesses have on the planet and society. On the other hand, deep work and reduced risk showcase the need for streamlining and minimizing distractions in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Successful businesses and decision-making remind us that the basics of business still hold true- knowing our customers and making informed choices. Meanwhile, product management and buyer personas demonstrate a growing emphasis on understanding user needs and preferences. In summary, Strategy isn't just about making a plan- it's about adapting to the times and leveraging trends to achieve business goals. So, whether it's about short term gains or personal wellbeing, a smart strategy is still key to success.

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