Looking For Some Easy Tiktok Account Ideas? Here Is Your Guide!

We know how draining it can be to constantly develop and come up with fresh, engaging content for your audience. Let us help you with ideas regarding what account to make, what to post, and how to attract your audience.

Looking For Some Easy Tiktok Account Ideas? Here Is Your Guide!

Tiktok came into our lives in 2016 and ever since then it has become the talk of the town through its innovative new features such as Tiktok filters, reels, short videos, and much more!

This popular video-sharing social media platform is known for its influential and mostly funny lip-syncing videos. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it has been known that an average user spends around 90 minutes per day on the platform. Well, isn’t it too addictive? I mean, 90 minutes is no doubt a LONGG time to spend on an application. However, if you’re a business, this news can be even greater for you as it means you have a great amount of time and space to capture your audience. But, what if you aren’t a business? How do you get your views then?

Well, that is why we’re here! We know how draining it can be to constantly develop and come up with fresh, engaging content for your audience. Especially when it comes to a platform with around 1 billion monthly active users such as TikTok. Therefore, let us help you with ideas regarding what account to make, what to post, and how to attract your audience. Let’s dive in!

Reveal Your Inner Chef - Make a Food Account!

Do you remember the famous Dalgona coffee that got famous on Tiktok during the early Covid Pandemic times? Well yes, this is what we are talking about!

One of the most viral TikTok ideas is to bring your inner chef out and let your recipes go viral. As there are so many food content creators on TikTok, a recipe or food hack will instantly go viral. Blink your eye and it would feel as if everyone is trying your recipe and boom, you're trending!

Search for the famous TikTok account PureWow and look at her strategy. Content like what she posts is what will definitely be making you salivate. She posted a 25-minute Crispy Gnocchi recipe in a one-minute video and trust me, I looked it over and over again. It is IMPOSSIBLE to take your eyes off such mouthwatering and delicious videos that are enough to fulfill your cravings.

So why can’t you become like PureWow? Obviously, it depends on your own goals and interest, but ALWAYS keep an eye out for other TikTok food trends to determine which ones can you somehow replicate. From the viral baked feta pasta to tortilla folding hacks, everyone is definitely in for food accounts!

Or perhaps a Food CUTTING account..

These kinds of accounts feature creative fruit or vegetable cutting by the creator. The videos are effective on two levels; People who watch videos to learn things are first taught a recipe. Secondly, they can be so oddly satisfying and amazing to look at.

Lip Sync to a Song

Well, this is one of the most common accounts on TikTok that you’ll come across. In fact, every famous Tiktoker today started their journey by lip-syncing to a song. I mean, this social media platform has literally been born from the ashes of dancing and lip-syncing. So why not join the club?

While lip-synching to music is a classic approach, lip-synching a particular famous movie or a viral video dialogue is a great option as well: try pairing your favorite catchphrase from a movie with a new context — for instance, shooting a clip of you admiring your celebrity crush while you mouth along to the famous “you know nothing Jon Snow” line from Game of Thrones. How iconic and amazing would that be for all GoT fans to see?

Hence, when it comes to this TikTok idea, the ideas themselves are endless. We advise scrolling until you hear a sound bite you like if you need additional ideas. You can then tap on the sound's name at the bottom of the screen to see further videos that have the same sound in them. This will give you more inspiration for TikTok repurposing ideas for your brand's messaging (if you run a business).

A Comedy Skit Account

During the past depressing and traumatizing Covid times, people really needed a platform to escape from reality and have something that can simply make them smile. Luckily, Tiktok proved to be that shield!

Since TikTok videos are so quick and short, they’re really the ideal platform for comedy. If you’ve got a sense of humor and it’s appropriate for your brand, write a skit full of humor and get ready to become the next Kevin Hart of town.

What's more surprising than something that offers you something educational, and startling while it manages to make you laugh? Although this can sound like a pretty generalized TikTok idea, don't worry! There are literally SO many ways out there for you to explore. The secret is to simply be lighthearted, silly, and full of humor.

Take Gym Shark for example. This account is so famous on Tiktok because of the insanely hilarious content it comes up with. They're becoming a lot more relatable by making fun of the gym—something their company, obviously, is a major advocate for—especially to people who might be frightened by large gym fanatics but still want to exercise.

So if your family and friends laugh at your jokes or you have the ability to make people laugh, this is your sign to sign up for that comedian account on Tiktok!

A Satisfying Daily Routine Videos Account

Then there are these accounts with types of videos where something seemingly strange or weird can be oddly calming and comforting to the viewers. Do you know what’s weirder? These kinds of videos for some odd reason are extremely popular on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

I mean it can be pretty challenging to explain these types of accounts, but here’s an example. Isn't it relaxing to watch room transformations and those colors spread?

Similarly, a lot of people have started to post their daily routine on Tiktok in the form of a 10-sec short video. It is believed that posting everyday routine videos on your TikTok account can give viewers insight into you and your brand, whether you're an influencer, blogger, or a small business owner. If you're a style influencer, for instance, you might want to show how you plan your posting schedule or even get ready for a shoot

Also, it could be as simple as your exercise routine, morning coffee routine, or how you organize your study plan. In fact, anything that gives that “behind-the-scenes” vibe can increase your engagement to a large extent.

So what are you waiting for? This can be the easiest way to start a Tiktok account that can answer the question that is always pondering over your head; ‘How do I get VIEWS?’

Instead of Youtube, Start Vlogging On Tiktok!

Now, this one is very similar to the idea we just gave above. It’s the same when it comes to Vlogs, these strange and weird videos can be oddly calming and comforting to the viewers, and they also for some odd reason are extremely popular on Youtube and now on TikTok. As mentioned above, they also are a visual journal of your day or week.

Giving your viewers a peek into your life or business can be great content since authenticity is king on TikTok. For example, Anna Lamos (@anna.lamos), a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber, made a video on TikTok that only focused on the tiny details of her day:

Although the rapid cuts might not seem to have much of an effect, this video received over 200 comments. Every little thing was noted by Lamos' fans, and their comments were helpful for engagement and providing ideas for new content.

If you’re still not feeling confident in starting a Vloggin account, watch Lydia Keating's (@lydialoo121) popular video to learn why fans of TikTok enjoy the "mundane" on the app. God, it’s so unbelievably true!

MUA Account

These videos, as the name implies, feature a makeover, be it a new hairdo, outfit, makeup, or something else. In fact, these accounts are one reason why TikTok beauty mode effect is a current trend. For example, these videos show people who are not dressed at all (look homeless, to be honest), and they click on beauty mode and transform into a different look. Woah!

Many of the major fashion influencers on TikTok have created makeover videos that highlight this beauty trend to a very large degree.

Key Takeaways!

TikTok accounts are indeed a fun way to share your everyday life with your friends and family. And believe it or not, this can even get more exciting and emotional when you have the option to add music in the background.

Tiktok has taken the world by storm and it can become very difficult to figure out what to film sometimes. I hope this article cleared all your confusion and by now you have decided what account idea to go for!