How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

Now the point is that if Instagram didn't have any such application, then what could help us discover our hidden Instagram users? You have only two ways.

How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?
How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

In the current era, Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms with one billion+ user. This sum shows that a large population inhabiting the Earth uses Instagram to share their life or thoughts on a daily basis. Other than the active Instagrammers, there is a significant number of folk who use Instagram to view the content posted by other people. Such content, most of the time, comes from public accounts.

If you're using an Instagram public profile, then there are higher chances that, just like me, you always want to uncover the names of those people who view your profile.

Are you wondering how to discover those who viewed your Instagram profile?

If yes, then keep going!

Honestly speaking, Instagram doesn't have any in-built profile viewer detecting tool. It is because if Instagram had done that, then I could have lost its large number of users as most Insta users spend their time searching for anyone's profile or by watching other people's content. A remarkable decline in user activity could bring ill luck to the application.

Now the point is that if Instagram didn't have any such application, then what could help us discover our hidden Instagram users?

You have only two ways:

1.      Instagram Story

2.      Instagram Business Account Statistics

Instagram Story

When someone who isn't existing among your Instagram followers visits your profile, most of the time, watch your Instagram highlights. Always make sure that you upload a new story every 24 hours. Your Insta stalker, while stalking your profile, would watch your story, and you can thus find him from the viewer's list under the story. To open the highlight viewers list, open the story. On the bottom right corner will be the viewer's option; click it, and boom, the list of your story viewers will be there in front of you. From this list, you can also hide your story from your stalkers or can block them.

Instagram Business Account Statistics

If you switch your Instagram private account to a business account, it will show you the statistics of the people who made a visit to your profile. Once your account is switched to a business account, you can have an analysis of a number of your profile stalkers. Here, it is necessary to mention that you can't get the names of your Insta stalkers this way, as it is against the violation of Instagram terms and services. Such accounts also show the number of your Insta audience from different regions of the world and the number of total likes, comments, and shares on your posts; it also reveals impressions a post had with the entire engagement rate on any post. For the statistical analysis of your Instagram business account, you can also get the assistance of a few Instagram analyzing tools. Some of these tools are mentioned below:

· Instagram Insights

· Hootsuite Analytics

· Hootsuite Impact

· Creator Studio

· Iconosquare

· Keyhole

· Phlanx

· Facebook Ads Manager

Why Revealing Names of Instagram Stalkers Isn’t Possible?

So, if you are wondering how to see your Instagram stalker? Then the answer is you can't see your stalkers. Other than the two ways mentioned above. It is the Instagram privacy policy that no user can view the profile of any Instagram stalker. Instagram provides the data of stalkers by showing the statistics of a number of people instead of revealing their names. There is a misconception that third-party applications are capable enough to reveal the names of Insta stalkers. These third-party apps are there only to gain users, and that's how they make money. Instagram clearly states that no application is able to reveal the names of Insta stalkers. Therefore, it is recommended not to waste your time by finding the support of any third-party application in such a cause.

Few third-party applications like

· GhostHunter

· DataJam

· Profile+

· Follower Analyzer

· Followers Insight for Instagram

· InReports Analyzer

· Find My Stalker

· FollowMeter

· Stalker Reports

· Visitors Pro App

· Analyzer Plus

· Likes+Followers Boost

· Unfollowers and Ghost Followers

All these applications are a scam to reveal the names of Instagram stalkers. These applications only ask the users to log in to their Instagram accounts through their applications. By doing so, these applications get direct access to your Instagram profile. Then they serve you in different ways, like by revealing the names of those who are your follower, but you are not following them; or they present the names of those who you are tracking but are not following you back. These applications also give you the list of those Instagram profiles you had blocked earlier. Moreover, these applications are known for presenting the total number of likes, comments, and shares on your Instagram posts.


· Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram profile?

Yes. Instagram business accounts can show the number of people who have viewed your profile. Note that it won't reveal the names of the stalkers but only shows the number of times people made a visit to your profile.

· Is the stalker's name-revealing apps for Instagram real?

Nope, such apps are not genuine. Instead, they are scams. They can't provide you with the names of your profile stalker but can serve you by revealing those who are not your follower or to whom you are not following.

· Does the Instagram business account show the statistics of profile visits?

Yes. The Instagram business account shows the statistics of people who visited your profile and a few other things.

· Name some apps through which I can see my Instagram stalkers

You can't reveal the names of your Instagram stalkers through any means, as it is the policy of Instagram that no third-party apps can show the names of Insta stalkers. Even Instagram itself has not built any stalker-revealer tool.