Easy YouTube Channel Ideas

The best YouTube channel ideas aren't usually the complicated ones. Amazingly, most popular YouTube channels are built on very simple ideas, and to help you on your YouTube journey, we have curated 9 easy YouTube channel ideas you can easily get started with!

Easy YouTube Channel Ideas
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Gaining visibility on a platform as big as YouTube can be difficult, and beginners can easily get discouraged.

YouTube currently has over 51 million channels, and yours might feel like a pin drop in the ocean. So why try it? Asides YouTube being the second most used search engine, it is also the best place to find an audience.

Besides, it isn't that difficult. With the right channel idea, quality videos, you should build a following in no time!

The best YouTube channel ideas aren't usually the complicated ones. Amazingly, most popular YouTube channels are built on very simple ideas, and to help you on your YouTube journey, we have curated 9 easy YouTube channel ideas you can easily get started with!

Gaming Channels

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If you are a hardcore gamer, then you already know that several gaming channels are quite popular on YouTube. In fact, you must have seen several videos yourself.

Uploading gaming content is one of the easiest ways to break into the YouTube market, and even better, all you need to get started is a mobile phone or video camera, a gaming console or PC, and a game you are extremely good at!

Interestingly, there are sub-niches in the gaming world such as gaming tutorials, live gaming, and gaming reviews! Whichever you decide to go for, I bet there are thousands of people waiting to see what you have to offer.

The most popular gaming channel PewDiePie had a whopping 111 million subscribers as of July 2022. And guess what? It started as a Let's Play channel. Take a look at one of their recent videos. Maybe you'd be inspired to turn that gaming passion into something productive.

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You don't have to be a music star to get subscribers on your music-related YouTube channel.

Another great YouTube channel idea is creating a YouTube channel that's focused on music-related content. If you have a voice that is too good to only be heard in your shower, why not start a YouTube channel? Sing along to the karaoke versions of your favorite songs, make freestyles, play your favorite songs on an instrument, or give free music lessons.

'Sing King Karaoke' has amassed 10.2 million subscribers from creating the karaoke version of songs like All of Me by John Legend, and 'Music Theory Guy' teaches music theory, and has also gained a fair amount of subscribers.

So, pick the song, set up your camera and show the world what you've got!

You can also teach your subscribers how to use a specific

Digital Audio Workstation such as FL Studio or Logic Pro.


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Comedy is not everybody's strong suit, but it could be yours. If you have unique ways to send people choking on a mouthful of laughter (not literally), starting a comedy channel should be something you consider.

You could start with comedy skits, sketches, or start a funny series. You can also mimic our favorite celebrities. As long as you are funny and unique, it's only a matter of time before you grow a following.

You might not even need to create skits yourself. FailArmy is a unique comedy channel that compiles videos of extreme fails. The videos not only show you that it's alright to fail at something, but also that it can be quite hilarious to watch people make the funniest errors!


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Every now and then, we need to know about a particular product, movie or music in more detail, sometimes to know what other people think about it, or determine if it's the right fit for you. So, we go on YouTube and watch a review video.

If you consider yourself to be a fair critique when it comes to music, then starting a music review channel will be right up your alley. It could also be tech products, toys, fashion items, movies, and books. As long as there's a market for the product in question, you can build a successful Product Review YouTube channel!

There are many other review categories, and chances are there's something on the list you'd love to review. You can easily turn your hobby into a channel by doing reviews; Chris Stuckman harnessed his love for films in 2011, and his movie review channel now has 2 million subscribers.


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One-third of internet users watch a tutorial video or how-to on YouTube weekly. Everyone loves to have fun, but we are also striving to learn as many new things as we can!

Videos are the most engaging form of presentation, and naturally, they make learning easier. So if there is a skill(s) that you have, and are willing to teach others, you can start a YouTube Tutorial channel!

Also, you can teach anything, no matter how easy or difficult it is for you! Who would guess that a video that taught people how to smile will amass a million views?

Whatever it is you are good at, there's someone out there waiting to learn from you. So, take that first step today!

Food and Drinks

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We understand why food and drinks channels are popular on YouTube; we want to learn new recipes, and sometimes we'd like a review of a popular dish before we try it out.

Do you consider yourself to be an expert in making interesting cuisines? Or reviewing popular restaurants and their dishes? If you do, a YouTube channel might just be the way to go!

Fortunately, this is also an extremely easy channel idea. Usually, you just need to love cooking and know your onion, and the food lovers will come around.

You don't always have to post recipes; other related content, like food challenges, will also keep your audience engaged. Tasty is one of the most popular YouTube food channel, and this challenge video can inspire your content.


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Are you on a quest to travel the entire world? Why not take us on your trip with you? A YouTube travel channel is an escape for most people, as it helps them travel the world through your camera lens. This suggests that there's a market for you already if you decide to make travel content.

Your channel can revolve around your wild adventures, reviews of iconic tourist spots, challenges, travel guides, hotel reviews, and so on!

Alex and Marko have made a name for themselves with their channel Vaga Brothers by visiting some of the most interesting places in the world.

However, you don't have to travel the world before starting a YouTube travel channel, you can easily get started by visiting the cities or towns in your home country.


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Do you enjoy always being in front of the camera? Daily vlogging could be the perfect channel idea for you. Vlogs are the video form of blogs. So, vloggers often share their opinions (and sometimes daily lives) through first person videos.

Vlogs are on our list of easy channel ideas because you can simply start by recording every bit of your day with commentary, or documenting your experience in a new country or city.

All you need to get started? A mobile phone with a good camera.

Reaction Videos

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If you have never seen a reaction video (almost impossible), you might think this is the dumbest item on our list. But it is anything but dumb.

Reaction videos usually feature YouTubers' reactions to funny, emotional, horror, and even irritating video content. Other times, it could be their reactions to a music video or even an award show!

At first, watching other people react to other videos sounds quite weird, but as soon as you start watching these videos, you realize that it isn't all that bad.

A reaction channel is bound to attract subscribers if you manage to make it interesting, and can be a relatively easy way to break into the YouTube market!

To get a better idea of reaction videos, check out No Life Shaq's reaction videos.


And there you have it; 9 of the easiest YouTube channel ideas. Each idea mentioned above requires the barest minimum for you to get started, and with consistency and a knack for quality, you should be able to build a strong followership.