13 Easy Instagram Account Ideas You Can Use to Make Money In 2022!

With 1.44 Billion Instagram users, Now is the best time to use Instagram for making money. Sounds exciting, Right?! Trust me, It actually is!

13 Easy Instagram Account Ideas You Can Use to Make Money In 2022!

Starting as a photo-sharing platform, Instagram is all over the Internet now.

People all over the world like to share their quirky pictures with catchy captions on Instagram - and don’t forget the “likes race”! More likes equal more happiness. Instagram gained a lot of popularity in lockdown when people had nothing else to do.

If you’ve got plenty of time and that unconventional spark in you, use it to hop on the Instagram Bandwagon and get started to turn your hobby into subsistence.

With 1.44 Billion Instagram users, Now is the best time to use Instagram for making money. Sounds exciting, Right?! Trust me, It actually is!

Here is a list of the best easy Instagram account ideas that I have compiled for you!

Affiliate Marketing for The Creative Ones

Surprised by the term “Affiliate Marketing” on Instagram? Worry not! I am here to explain.

Affiliate marketing accounts on Instagram work by posting or putting up a story about products. You can also put a link to that product in your bio, posts, or stories. When people shop from that link, you will earn a commission. It is a very trouble-free, plain, and simple way to get your Instagram account monetized.

Meme Maker - Who Doesn't Love a Good Laugh

What is the biggest source of laughter in modern times? You guessed it right, Memes!

Memes are a great source of putting the content in front of the world in a very light-hearted and easy-going manner. You can be a meme maker and make attractive and catchy memes and make your message reach the world in a humorous manner.

DIY Expert in The House!!!

We have all seen those addictive craft videos to the point where we can’t stop ourselves. If you like to do DIY and craft projects, shoot the procedure and post that on your Instagram account. You can also sell your projects through your account after getting a nice follower count.

Passion Photography Accounts

Do you know what the most attractive and memorable thing for humans is? Visuals!

Yes, you heard it right! Even the reason for Instagram gaining unusual popularity is that it offers attractive and unique visuals to its users.

The favorite part? You can get a lot of options in photography. Here are some of the best photography account options that you should consider:

Product Photography
Event Photography
Social Media Photography
Fashion Photography
Travel Photography

The list goes on and on but I have to take you ahead and give you some more Instagram account ideas.

Aesthetics Stylists' True Calling

Who doesn’t love aesthetics? We all do, right? If you’ve got a knack for styling and a sense of organization and aesthetics, this is the perfect Instagram account for you. People always want their feed to look attractive if it’s related to their company and in some cases, influencers need styling for events or even an Instagram photoshoot.

Videographers Capturing Every Smile

You know that reels are all over Instagram now. With people giving more attention to videos every day, a videography account can make you reach heights of success if done right.

Food Blogger - Nom!

Got those tastebuds and love eating? Make a foodie Instagram account now!

All you need to do is just take nice pictures of the food that you are eating and post that on Instagram. Just give people restaurant recommendations and honest reviews and you’re good to go. The bonus point is that you may also get free food from some of the restaurants. Who doesn’t love free food?

Personal Stylist

You see all those people on Instagram that just style the outfits and post their looks on Instagram, people look up to them for inspiration. You can be one of those style inspirations. You can also give personalized advice and plans to people and charge money for that. The awesome part is getting free clothes and accessories from many brands.

Influencer Accounts

Instagram influencers earn money through advertising products to their followers. Many companies pay influencers to post or put a story about their products. Influencers also get money if anyone buys a product from the company with their personalized code.

The requirement to become an influencer is a huge active follower count. Most influencers choose a niche that interests them and then creates content about that.

The content should always resonate with the followers of the account as this is what ‘active following’ is. You need to engage your followers let it be through likes, comments, or shares.

Baking Or Cooking Account

You love baking but as a hobby right? Well, just photograph the results or make a mini vlog of the process and that’s it! You did it! Enjoy your cake while growing your followers on Instagram. You can also turn that into a business once you get a greater number of followers.

Makeup Artist

Let’s be a digital MUA. We all need that makeup inspo for events or even everyday life. Well, you can be one of the people that others might look forward to for makeup inspiration. Film makeup tutorials and post them on your account. You can also do this to boost your already existing Salon business.


Calling out all the artists here! If you are a sketch artist, painter, ceramist, potter, or illustrator, or if you work on any other medium, use Instagram to show the world your talent and creativity. People love creative designs and art these days so just channel your inner talent and let the world see.

Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

For people who love to perform, Instagram can be really helpful in getting your content around. You can make singing, dancing, comedy, magician, or any other content videos and upload them. Most probably, people will start recognizing your talent and you might get a real-life chance to perform the way you once dreamt of.

How To Make An Instagram Account In 2022

Here are the steps that you can follow to make an Instagram account on your mobile phone.

Download the Instagram App from Google Playstore or App Store
Open the app and click Sign Up
Type your phone number or email address and click Next
Enter the OTP sent to your phone number or email
Register your full name and password
Select either Continue and Sync Contacts or Continue Without Syncing Contacts
Choose your Birthday
Enter a username and click Next

Voila! You created your Instagram account.

Key Takeaways!

Instagram is being used by creators, influencers, and businesses because of its reach and hype.

I gave you an insight into the best Instagram account ideas to have in 2022. With millions of people hopping on this platform every day, you need to be here to know the current trends and boost your business. Create your Instagram account and show the world who you are!