Discover The Most Popular Subreddits of 2022

Before you fall into the world of Reddit, here are some of our all-time favorite, legitimately useful subreddits that can actually make your life better! Let’s get started.

Discover The Most Popular Subreddits of 2022

You may have heard about all these popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But guess what? The talk of the town is that there’s another social media site named ‘Reddit’ that is getting all the attention these days. It is just as crucial as your ever-favorite Instagram and is widely used all over the world. Can you believe that Reddit, which bills itself as the “front page of the internet,” boasts more than 330 million users? That’s insane!

Now, what exactly is it? Basically, if you have never heard of it and are searching it only after reading this article or because your friends talk about it so much, chances are that you may find it overwhelming and opposite of what we call ‘user friendly. However, the truth is that it is one of those platforms that is filled with massive amounts of informative, helpful as well as educational groups and several subreddits that cover everything from home decor to music recommendations!

It’s sad but true that online anonymity can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it makes people feel free to express their hatred since it gives people the confidence to spew bigotry and racism. While on the other, it also gives people the confidence to post intensely private, compelling experiences on websites like Reddit.

Did this catch your attention? I’m sure it has. Well, before you fall into the world of Reddit, here are some of our all-time favorite, legitimately useful subreddits that can actually make your life better! Let’s get started.

You can become a part of the Reddit world today by exploring the fascinating subreddits to simply see what’s going on in the world, whether the big issues have been resolved, find new stories, or delve into extensive archives.

However, remember that after reading these you may wonder whether all of these anecdotes are true. Well, let us tell you that the answer is absolutely NOT – I mean, come on, people lie all the time on the internet. Although it is safe to assume that at least some of them are true, the fact is that regardless of whether they’re true or not, they are incredibly entertaining, whatsoever!

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself!


People all over the world (including me, of course) are known to be blown away by the amount of brilliant stuff they come across on r/LifeProTips.  

I mean I could spend (In fact, have spent) hours scrolling through million of pages you can put to use in your daily life. If you want to focus on a particular area or aspect of your life that you're willing to improve, you may also sort the recommendations by category, like home & garden, food & drink, travel, and many more. I've learned everything from how to speak more professionally at work to how to make my house more positive, clean, energetic, and successful in the future.

Do you want to know a hack? Simply scroll down and look at the comments after clicking on one of the ProTips; there are perhaps more amazing and even better tips in the thread. Taadaa, thank me later!


Now this one is similar to the one mentioned above as it also helps you to improve a particular area of your life. In this case, it’s the SKIN. I mean we all know how important is to maintain glowy and healthy skin. This is the place to go for all kinds of skincare concerns, no matter how big or minor. In fact, even if you just need some general guidance.

Come on skincare freaks, this one is for you!


To be really honest, the internet can be an extremely terrible place to look for legal advice. However, it can be really useful when it comes to reading about the fascinating series of circumstances that can lead people to do so.

Hence, Asr/legal advice is filled with Redditors looking for legal guidance when things go wrong, like when they're sharing custody with an anti-vaxxer, dealing with workplace gossip after revealing their bare chest, or quitting a cult.

However, please note that this Reddit community is meant for informative purposes only; it does not constitute genuine legal advice. If you truly need legal assistance, kindly hire a competent attorney or a proper lawyer for yourselves.


This Reddit probably has so many things you will enjoy even if you have never traveled far from your home. Forget Trip Advisor, this is your next go-to travel agency! I mean come on. What's better than having a platform that is free of cost and is filled with beautiful vacation photos, suggestions for accommodations, and other tiny travel information?

You can even check out the related subreddits listed on the right side rail for more specific categories, like solo trips and family road travels. How amazing!


Now this one is for ALL of us as that mental push is what we need every now and then. Yes, it’s true. Apart from all the fun stuff, Subreddits can offer helpful tips and responses to any questions you may have, from inspirational messages to guidance on how to become the best manager or leader.

Ask yourself, are you struggling to stay motivated in these challenging times spurred by the coronavirus pandemic? Or are you simply looking for a job and are tired of all those rejections? Well, don’t worry as you can now share and receive inspirational quotes, pictures, and comments on the "get motivated" subreddit that can help you create that positive outlook on life.

No wonder this subreddit can be a source of comfort for people who are particularly stressed out during these times and can assist them in changing their whole perspective.

So what are you waiting for? Scrolling through this one will give you the extra push you so dearly need. So whether it’s about starting that new novel, making a study plan, or even working out, get hold of this Subreddit for amusing quotations, jokes, and a whole community of people eager to support one another.


And then unfortunately there are these extremely scary stories about terrifying places and dangerous people that can be found all over this subreddit r/LetsNotMeet. Here you will come across so many people sharing their real-life horror stories. For example, I once came across the story of the couple whose infant was nearly abducted in front of them or the story of the pizza delivery guy who barely evaded an armed client. OMG! Isn’t that crazy!?

However, this subreddit is all filled with humor. One example is of a sleepy man who claimed he propositioned a home intruder under the mistaken belief it was his girlfriend. So funny!

Also, if r/LetsNotMeet is still too intense for you, you can find less dangerous stories on r/creepyencounters. Enjoy!


Churning, also known as collecting and using points, is essentially a side business, and this subreddit is the place to learn how to do it properly. It essentially consists of a community of people who are fascinated with using and manipulating credit card points and sign-up offers, and it contains conversations about developing good credit as well as helpful advice like how to know if churning is suitable for you.


Tired of all those toxic people around you? All those negative vibes? This subreddit is for you!

I strongly have this gut feeling that whoever reads this is going to relate to this subreddit at some point. People love it so much because they’ve grown to feel that having an open mind about all the things in life is the true route to happiness. According to an article, "Effortless actualization" is how one can sum up its philosophy of acceptance.

Along with its threads, the page also includes a six-step guide for developing a "zero fucks given" mindset. These threads include topics such as decision-making and mastering mindfulness.

Even though not giving a fuck is a long way off, the variety of motivational images and illustrations will provide you with all the calmness and relaxation you’re looking for in life.


Follow this subreddit simply because there are some incredible stories out there that you should REALLY know.

I mean, let’s agree that learning a new skill or starting something new can become a lot easier if you have that support and guidance. This subreddit can be that shield for you! It is a treasure trove for learning about anything you could imagine, from finding simple hobbies to becoming a morning person to discovering how to fully unwind. This subreddit's commenters frequently provide in-depth, intelligent responses that will genuinely inspire you to learn more or to attempt something new. Let’s get it!

Key Takeaways!

Are you ready to learn more than you could have ever learned in college?

Leave Instagram scrolling for a while and get to Reddit ASAP. Including everything from stories of human progress to motivational personal accomplishments, these subreddits will definitely make you smile and give you that hope and assurance of the future you are so dearly in need of. Good luck!