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How To Get More Likes On Instagram?

By Eiman Sajjad · 6 min read

Last Updated on May 21, 2023

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Being an avid Instagram user, you would be well aware of the importance of getting likes on your Instagram posts and videos. Since the Insta family, like other social media platforms, is brimful with fake followers, the actual users and the bloggers have to face issues such as the considerable decline in the likes on the user's posts. Thus, you would know that getting likes on Instagram is not an easy feat. This thing isn't a big deal for private users, who share their life on Instagram with a selected number of people. Instead, the issue poses a great deal for Instagram users whose accounts are for the public. These people include influencers, business companies, educational institutes, bloggers, writers, painters, musicians, and the list goes on. For such people, more likes mean more outstanding advertising of their account, so more brands will approach them to advertise their brand. When an Instagram user announces any brand with the brand's will, the brand pays a reasonable sum of money.

Well, being an influencer or a blogger, are you wondering how you can get enough likes on your Instagram posts?

Stay here and keep reading, then!

1. High-Quality Images

Always use high-quality images. Avoid grainy, blurry, pixilated, or too-dark images, as such photos will not catch the viewer's attention. At first glance, the clear and high-quality prints see the viewer's attention. The more the images capture the viewer's attention, the more likes a photo will get. Try to upload the pictures that are being taken from a professional camera. You can use Instagram’s photo editing software if you don't have such high-quality images. This software is already present in the Instagram application. Click your pics with this application; however, you are advised never to edit your already clicked low-quality images with this application as it may make the image a bit pixilated.

2. Winsome Captions

The words that you upload in the caption section are essential, as the viewer must give it a read. Make sure it is engaging, winsome, and attractive as well. You may add a humorous caption or a sad one, but always make sure it should be something easily readable and understandable to your audience. You may also ask questions in your caption, as it will allow your followers to engage with you. It is advisable that you must avoid just a phrase-based caption since it appears humdrum. You can also provoke the emotions of your viewers by pen-picturing a short story. The more your viewers find your caption interesting, the more you will get likes on your Instagram posts.

3. Tagging

If your Instagram post is related to any person, brand, or organization that is accessible on Instagram, tag them in the post. This will make them receive a notification that you tagged them in some posts. They will check the post and might share it in their Instagram story, which in turn will help you get likes from a large audience. You can do the same for the Instagram story.

4. Giveaways

To get more like on your Instagram posts, you can initiate giveaway posts. In such posts, the bloggers showcase the gifts they will be giving to the winner and runner-ups. To win gifts, followers must like, comment, and share the post. This is the incredibly most extraordinary way, as the followers find it joyful.

5. Hashtags

One of the most important ways is using hashtags. Make hashtags a necessary part of your posts. Without them, you will lose 55% of your likes. After adding engaging content and catching captions, don't forget to add relevant hashtags. Hashtags help Instagram content to reach a content-relevant audience, and thus, the chances of getting higher likes on a post increase.

6. Trendy Content

Whatever subject is trending in the market, always post something similar on your Instagram. For instance, if any part of the world is facing massive flooding, the news regarding that flood would be trending in society. In such circumstances, you can raise funds for the flood victims by posting anything regarding your flood fundraising stance.

7. Unique Content

Always make sure that your content is unique. It's not the imitation of other bloggers. Even if you are following the market trending content, try to represent it in your own unique way. If you create unique content on your own rather than following others, your viewers will find your content different, and thus, the chances of getting more like increase.

8. Collaborating With Influencers

It is advised that to gain massive likes, try to collaborate with the influencers as much as possible. Whatever niche you are following or are uploading content regarding, try to pair up with similar influencers. Niche-related influencers will better promote your Instagram profile and attract more followers and likes. It is said that the followers, most of the time, trust the influencers as there are the opinion leaders that are helping to spread the word regarding a blogger or his services. This can be justified by the fact that influencer marketing statistics analyzed and proposed that 40% of the millennials observe that social media influencers know them better than their friends, 49% of people depend on influencer recommendations, and 75% of customers trust recommendations they views on different social media platforms such as Instagram.

9. Interact With Followers

Interacting with your followers will help you gain more public reach and likes on your account. There are many ways through which you can interact with your followers. These include replying to the comments made under your posts. Also, you can reply to the messages sent to you in your 'dm.' Conduct Instagram live sessions. In such sessions, people will join you and leave comments in the comments section. Read out those comments by recalling the names of the followers. Also, don't forget to invite your followers to your Instagram live session. Asking them this way will boost their morale and engage them more.


How can I get more like on my Instagram post?

Use high-quality images, write winsome captions, conduct live sessions, advertise giveaways, and tag relevant people with appropriate hashtags.

What kind of content should I upload related to my niche?

Always imitate the subject matter trending in the market, but make sure the content on the subject matter is not something imitated. Try to create unique content, as it will help you stand apart from other bloggers or organizations.

Is getting likes on Instagram really tough?

Not-at-all. You just need to follow a few strategies, and boom, you will start getting never-ending likes on your Instagram postings.