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Discover Some Funny Things To Comment On Instagram!

By Rameen Zeeshan · 6 min read

Last Updated on December 26, 2022

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Are you, like everybody else around you, an Instagram freak? I mean, this application entered our lives in 2010, and ever since then, it has become the talk of the town through its innovative new features such as Instagram stories, shopping, Instagram reels, and one other oldest feature we can’t live without; Instagram Comments!

No wonder it has become one of the most popular social media platforms used by millions of users all across the world. I mean, what’s better than having a single account where you can share your pictures, stories, and more with your followers, whether you have a private or public account? If you’re an influencer, blogger, entrepreneur, or just someone with a public account, you cannot only share posts on your Instagram profile but also engage with a large audience at once.

The question is, how do you even engage? Well, there’s only one way; By Commenting! Instagram comments are the only way to keep up with your engagement with others and keep the fun alive. Ask yourself, with so much evolution in content now, will Instagram be appalling without its comments feature? Without them, users will get tired at one point, which may call for an Instagram break! In fact, sometimes people already get very annoyed by the ADs and influencer content that keeps on shoving into their feeds.

To avoid this mess, they already keep their profile private, follow specific people, and only post once or twice a week. But what most of the users do is that they deactivate their accounts to get a break from people, work, and social media as a whole. So how to avoid this phase in your life? Or how to prevent your friends from getting tired of Instagram and deactivating their accounts? Keep commenting!

Come on, even if your friends' Instagram postings are terrible and no one else is commenting, it's your duty to comment on something funny and entertaining. After all, what else are friends for?

Are you wondering what to write as a comment? Don’t worry! We all are in this together. Many ask this question, and I am here to give you your dream article on some funny things to comment on Instagram posts.

Hence, get ready for this article to explore the best comments for you to write under your friends’ posts. You can thank me later!

Funny Comments On Instagram

Comments For Your Bestie!

Is your best friend your soulmate? Do you laugh at each other's jokes even if they’re not funny? The moment they post something on Instagram, do you feel like you’ve been put to work to comment on something special on that post, as it is your job as a best friend? I mean, after all, you are their go-to person and top priority. And that means you’ve to stay their number one on Instagram comments too!

Just liking a picture of your best friend isn’t enough. You need to shower them with compliments like funny and sarcastic comments. I know that sometimes it can be a little challenging to come up with the right words, and you may scream to yourself, ‘WHAT DO I WRITE?!, but don't worry, see the comments below and choose any for your bestie!

“Sending this selfie to NASA because you’re a star.”

If you really love your best friend and want to make her smile, here’s a comment. It will definitely make her day!

“This picture needs to be an illustration of the word fun in the dictionary.”

You’ll do anything to make your best friend laugh. So why not leave hilarious comments on your friend’s pic on Instagram posts to make them laugh, despite the long distance? You don’t really have to be together to be funny. Make them laugh using this collection of amusing comments we’re putting together for you!

  1. “God made us best friends for a reason. He knew that our mothers couldn’t handle us as sisters.” How cute!
  2. “We go together like burgers and fries, which, btw, we should go get ASAP!”
  3. “The world's best ‘best friend’ is already taken. #SorryNotSorry.”
  4. “I think that me standing beside you always makes you look better. Therefore, why wasn’t I invited for the snap, then?”
  5. “Friends come and go, but true buddies stick like that mark on your skin.”
  6. “I'm sorry, people. Please double-tap on this image as soon as possible.  it’s the most beautiful thing you will ever see.”
  7. “I hope we will be best friends until we die. Then, we stay ghost pals so we can take such wonderful pictures.”
  8. “What shitty magazine cover are you posing for today?”

Funny responses to your audience’s comments!

Getting comments from your followers is often a positive sign regarding your account growth. However, to keep the momentum going, you need to respond with some even funnier comments!

For example:

  1. “We wholeheartedly accept and are deeply humbled by your wonderful comment. Here’s a tomato: insert tomato emoji“
  2. “Thank you, perhaps you’d like to hit ‘Share’ as well? After all, sharing is caring.”
  3. “Unfortunately, we’re fresh out of funny comments. Do you accept virtual high-fives?”
  4. “If we’re running a contest about the best funny comments for Instagram, you’d win a million bucks. But we don’t… so…” Oops!
  5. “Glad you liked it; we have the best followers in the world!”
  6. “Thank you, the only thing nicer than your comment would be if you followed the page as well. We aim to please”
  7. “That’s the best comment so far. Want to be our best friend already?”
  8. “Thanks, you should teach classes on Instagram comments. We’ll attend for sure!”
  9. “You just won comment of the year! For your reward, here’s a cookie: ‘insert cookie emoji’.“
  10. “Thanks. For every like and share, our boss will do one squat. Promise!”
  11. “With comments as great as this, I feel like fainting on my keyyyboaddrrhehyy…”
  12. “There’s more where that came from. Just follow our page and see the magic!”
  13. “Thank you for your kind words. Your comment will be another picture framed on our boss’s desk.”
  14. “Thanks, Buddy! we try to keep it real.”
  15. “Thanks, fam. Just doing our jobs, you know?”

Savage Comments On Your Friends' Posts’!

  1. “Did you fall from heaven? Because so did Satan.”
  2. “Maybe you should eat some makeup so you can be pretty on the inside, too.”
  3. “Is this an old picture, or did you lose a little weight?”
  4. “I hope we're besties until we die. Then, I hope we stay ghost besties so we can walk through walls and scare the c*rap out of people.”
  5. “Omg, is that you, sister? I have never seen a selfie of yours that I like”
  6. “You remind me of my Chinese bestie Ug Lee. Everyone has the right to be ugly, but you are overdoing it”
  7. “This picture of you is a proof that my selfies are better than yours”
  8. “Are you guys not together again? My phone battery lasts longer than your relationship.”
  9. “Is that you bestie? You look like something I drew with my left hand.”
  10. “Some days, you amaze me with your pictures. Today is not one of those days.”

Key Takeaways!

Wondering why does it even matter ​to comment so much on Instagram? Well, this is the way the Instagram algorithm works. It always presents users with the most relevant and well-liked content. What’s well-liked content? The one with the most comments!

With more comments, Instagram will immediately interpret a high engagement level on your posts. This implies that it will suggest the post to more Discover feeds, aiding in your viral growth. Boom!

So what are you waiting for? Start commenting ASAP!